Historical Heroines and Villainesses
Catherine the Great - Empress of Russia

Wikipage of 10HIX (Ms. Watson's Dominion!)

This wikispace belongs to 10 History X of Cheltenham Girls High School 2011. It will reflect the cooperative research completed by the class as a part of their class project on the topic of 'Historical Heroines and Villainesses', that is, famous and infamous women from ancient to modern times. Our class will study three women as a class, and students will work in pairs to create their own wikipage on a woman of their choice. Their page will include historical information about their background, career, legacy, fun facts, trivia and activities.

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Mata Hari - Stripper and Spy

Hatshepsut - the Queen who made herself King

Queen Elizabeth I - Virgin Queen, Ruler of an Empire

Joan of Arc - Witch, Messenger of God or National Heroine?